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National School Project is now Decision Point. Learn more here.



Students Reaching Students

Students just like you are searching for meaning and hope. When you become a Decision Point Leader, you gain access to exclusive training materials, personalized coaching, and digital resources to help you confidently share your faith with your classmates, both in person and online. You know they are meant for more—they are meant for JESUS! Will you tell them?

How Do I Reach My School?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a website for people who don't know Jesus yet?
Yes! MeantforMore.Us is our site specifically made for people who wouldn't call themselves a Jesus-follower yet. At MeantforMore.Us we have a ton of great resources for "seekers." We have a 24/7 live-chat where students can talk with a trained gospel coach. We have a page called "Questions & Answers" that houses 10 blog posts on people's biggest questions about God and life. And we even have a page where they can search for a church near them!

We encourage you to check out this site as a resource for your own growth, and to share it with any friends or peers who are seeking Jesus!
Do I need to be part of a Christian club on campus to be a Decision Point Leader?

Not necessarily! While we recommend working with a leadership team or club to reach your school, anyone who wants to commit to spreading the Good News of Jesus to their school can join Decision Point. However, being an established club can give you access to reserving rooms, having a budget, and important legal protection which can extend your opportunities to share the gospel.

How can I get connected with other students in the movement?

During COVID-19, students and staff from the Meant for More Movement are committed to gathering digitally to encourage one another, receive training, and to pray for awakening. If you are interested in joining in on the next event, you can reach out to us at and follow us on Instagram @meantformore.nsp.

Is there any cost to hold a Meant for More Week?

If you would like to hold a digital Meant For More Week, there shouldn’t be any cost! Because you are able to utilize social media and online platforms, there is no need to purchase items that would normally be needed for a physical outreach: t-shirts, pizza, promo materials, Bibles, etc.

What legal rights do I have as a Christian student at a public school?

This is such a great question that we made an entire training video for you! Check it out here. If you want access to more exclusive/free training content, check out the “Resources” tab (coming soon).

Can I lead an Outreach Week from anywhere in the United States?

Yes, Decision Point outreach weeks were specifically created to be used in high schools and middle schools across the United States. If no other schools or churches are hosting a Meant for More Week around you then it’s all the more reason that you should strive to bring an outreach week to your campus! How else will the students at your school hear the gospel?

Can I lead an Outreach Week from outside the United States?

While we welcome students from all over the world to utilize our training resources, the Decision Point outreach weeks were designed specifically to empower Christian students to share the gospel under their legal rights in the United States. Anyone considering utilizing Decision Point resources to do outreach in another country should first consider any local or national laws that might limit their ability to legally share the gospel in a public school context.

How do I get help with sharing the gospel at my school?
Not only do we provide Decision Point Leaders with exclusive training content, you will also have access to personalized coaching calls with our trained staff. If you’d like, you can even find a coach of your own to walk alongside you. Check out this video to learn more about that process.
What if I'm homeschooled?

There are a lot of ways that you can share the gospel with your peers even if you aren’t part of a public school. You can still sign up to be a Decision Point Leader and reach your peers for Jesus!


Apply today to receive a FREE Starter Pack with all the resources you need to begin sharing the gospel at your school right now! Included you'll find a Student Leader Guide, gospel tracts, and tons of cool merch and swag for you to keep or share with your friends!