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National School Project is now Decision Point. Learn more here.


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Project Designations

Gifts to Decision Point are tax-deductible and are used as designated whenever possible. This contribution is made with the understanding that Decision Point will exert every effort to honor any designation that you have stated; where a project is overfunded or cannot be carried out in accordance with your preference, funds will be used for similar projects.

Ways to Give & Other FAQ's


Automatic, recurring donations are a tremendous blessing to support our ongoing work on campus. It's easy to never miss a month when you give online. To learn more about how we keep your data secure, scroll down to Data Security.

    • Credit Card: We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
    • Bank Account: You can also set up a direct debit from your bank account and send more of your donation to reaching students.
    • PayPal: If you'd prefer to use your PayPal account, Decision Point accepts donations at Please include a note indicating the fund, project, or staff member your gift is intended to support.
    • Stocks: Donating appreciated stocks may provide tax advantages and allow for a bigger impact than selling and giving a cash donation. Click below to get started with a stock donation.
Donate with Overflow

Decision Point
PO Box 1118
Wheaton, IL 60187

Please make checks payable to Decision Point and indicate in the memo line the designated project or staff member to support.



Pick up the phone and let our administrative team get you set up! We're happy to help.  

Need to make a change to your current giving? You can view your giving history and change payment methods or amounts by setting up or logging into your account at 

Online Shopping
Shop from your Desktop with Amazon Smile! An estimated 40% for all online commerce goes through If you're like us, you probably use it a lot. Amazon Smile is the charitable branch of Amazon and will donate 0.5% of every purchase to the charity of your choice. It uses the same products, same prices, same service, the only difference is the URL.

To support Decision Point while shopping at Amazon:

Go here to create or sign into your Amazon account and designate "Decision Point" as your charity.

Always shop at to ensure your purchases go towards supporting Decision Point.

Alternatively, download a browser extension for ChromeFireFox, or Safari to automatically redirect you to Amazon Smile whenever you try to go to

Repeat Step 2 as many times as desired to help high school students hear the gospel!

Donor Advised Funds
Click here to support Decision Point with a contribution from your Donor Advised Fund. This link will work with DAF's managed by:
  • Fidelity Charitable
  • BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund
  • Schwab Charitable
  • Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Online Giving FAQ


I want to find my Giving Statement
You can download a record of your giving for the current calendar year to date or the previous calendar year on the My Giving page. Scroll to the section titled Annual Giving Statements to find the two statements. In the chart select the menu to the right of your household name and choose either print statement (to get a PDF) or email statement to have it sent to you.

My Giving seems to be missing information:

It doesn’t show any donations at all OR it’s missing some donations OR it’s missing donations that my spouse gave, etc.

If you're not seeing any donations on your My Giving page, it’s likely we have your giving information associated with another email address, or we may need to ensure that you and your spouse are properly connected in our system. Please contact us at 562.943.9787 or so we can connect your account to all your records.

I need to update my credit card or bank account information

  • If your credit card is expiring, or been cancelled, or you’d just like to change your card, find the Payment Method section at the bottom of My Giving.

    • To update your card, click the menu to the right of an existing card or checking account (the menu is 3 horizontal lines) and select ‘edit’. From there, you can update the expiration date, name on the card, or billing address.

    • If you need to change the card number, you’ll need to delete the payment method and create a new one.

    • IF you’re deleting the payment method for a recurring gift, you’ll be prompted to either cancel the recurring gift, or match it with a new payment method.

I want to update a Recurring Gift
Frequency, amount or payment method, etc.

  • Find the Recurring Gifts section near the bottom of My Giving. Click the down arrow on the left side of the gift to see the amount and frequency, or click the menu on the right to make changes.

  • Here you can change:

  • The next run date - to determine which day of the month the gift will process

  • The End date - if you’d like to set an expiration date on the recurring gift at some point in the future

  • Recurring type - choose between monthly, quarterly, yearly, and weekly giving.

  • Payment Method - choose from the payment methods you have on file, or enter a new one.

  • Add a Designation - choose from other staff or projects to support on a regular basis, on the same transaction at the same time each month.

    • Once you’ve made your changes, select 'Save Gift'.

I want to make up some recurring gifts that were skipped

  • If you notice that one or more monthly gifts were skipped - perhaps due to an expired credit card - and you’d like to make up those missed donations, please navigate to our website at, select the missionary or project you want to support, and give another special gift to replace the one that failed to process. Or, simply call our office at 562.943.9787 and our staff can process a special gift for you over the phone.

Failed Transactions

If you received a notice about a donation that declined, here are some steps you can take to resolve it:

 To fix a Recurring Gift that Declined
  • Review Payment Method. If your payment information (card or bank number, expiration date, or billing address) is incorrect, delete that payment method and create a new payment method with the correct information.

  • If you have a recurring gift set to run with this payment method, you’ll be prompted to enter new information.

  • Finally, in order to process the gift that failed, please head to our website at, select the missionary or project you want to support, and give another special gift to replace the one that failed to process.

To fix a Special Gift that Declined

  • Review Payment Method. If your payment information (card or bank number, expiration date, or billing address) is incorrect, delete that payment method and enter a new one with the correct information.

  • Finally, in order to process the gift that failed, please head to our website at, select the missionary or project you want to support, and give another special gift to replace the one that failed to process.

Contact us

For anything else regarding support with your account, please contact us so we can help. 
562.943.9787 |
Data Security
Here are 4 safeguards we put in place to keep your personal information & financial account secure.

We work with trusted and secure partners.

We've chosen to work with Payment Spring to handle the processing of credit card and EFT donations and the Site Stacker platform to provide our online giving experience. PaymentSpring is a major merchant processor that employs the highest industry standards for security and PCI compliance for millions of transactions and more than 40% of US-based missionary sending agencies use Site Stacker online giving tools.

* As of July 2019, SiteStacker and Payment Spring are new partners for these processes. If you have any questions regarding this change, please contact us at

Our donation forms are hosted by a secure server.

We use SSL to encrypt and secure our website pages, including our checkout page. Our payment information form securely captures your data and sends it directly to the processor.

We don't keep a record of your credit card or bank account.

The payment information you share goes directly to the processing bank. Your information is never stored on our servers so there is never any chance of it being seen by us or anyone else once it is entered. What if you want to call in a donation over the phone or send payment information on a paper response card? We enter your donation directly into our secure system and shred any paper with account information.

We use a token to save your payment method for future gifts.

Your full credit card number is never stored on our servers. Once we send your credit card information to the processor the first time the processor returns a token which is stored in our database. All future transactions are completed with this token, never with saved credit card or EFT data.

Our Commitment to Financial Integrity

We take the donations of our many financial partners as a gift from God and deserving of the highest levels of care. We know we are accountable to God for howe we handle these gifts and resources, and also to our partners who trust us with some of their faithful stewardship for kingdom impact. Here are some of the ways we exercise that care of the finances we receive:

1. Culture of Integrity

All our staff are faithful and honest as honoring Christ. This culture of pursuing Christlikeness together is a strong foundation for all the formal systems and procedures.

Internal controls - Like all conscientious accounting teams, we have a system of internal controls that safeguard against any one person having unilateral control of spending or accounting decisions. These include multiple approvers on expenses, regular review of the donation and expense records, and separation of duties.

Cedarstone - Our team includes Cedarstone Holdings, based in Wheaton, IL, as our accounting partner who provides experience, efficient, and transparent bookkeeping services for NSP. Their team of financial managers and CPA's provide services to hundreds of Christian ministries and are part of how we ensure that all our fiscal responsibilities are carried out with excellence every week and every month.

Donor Intent - In our fundraising, we take care to communicate with our partners what impact their gifts will have and how the funds will be used. Once given, we honor donor intent to use the funds for the area of ministry designated, and only for that purpose. In the rare cases where a project cannot be completed, or has a surplus at the end of the project, funds are used for a similar purpose to advance the gospel.

ECFA Standard 7.2

2. Strong platforms

We ensure financial integrity by ensuring that our financial and donor data is stored securely. Our partner database is hosted securely with industry standard backup and security protocols. And the personal financial information including credit card and donation processing data is never stored on our servers, only processed through the credit card provider.

3. External accountability

In addition to a culture of integrity within our team, we take steps for external accountability and transparency. We value transparency of financial results as a ministry, and publish our financial information in a key places for review and comparison.

  • Our annual financial audit is conducted by Capin Crouse, the leading firm in the US for Christian nonprofit and church accounting. Audited statements available upon request.
  • We are members of ECFA, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability. In addition to reviewing our financial records, ECFA membership is an affirmation that we adhere to the standards of conduct upheld by ECFA, which include Doctrine, Governance, Oversight, and Donation stewardship, among others.
  • Our federal tax filings - form 990 - are available on our Guidestar profile.
  • We publish a financial summary in our annual report
  • Donors can view their own giving history at any time through their donor dashboard
  • And we are happy to answer further questions upon request. Please contact us at at any time.
As Most Needed