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National School Project is now Decision Point. Learn more here.

Hi! We're Decision Point.

We are an evangelical non-profit that exists to proclaim the gospel to the next generation.

Who We Are

Since 2002, we've equipped Christian students as “teen evangelists” to reach their peers and classmates for Christ. To date, we've seen over 10,000 students from 500 schools give their lives to Christ through on-campus, student-led outreach events. The best part? These students now have the confidence to be evangelists for years to come.

We believe in equipping Christian students to be bold leaders in their faith, because we believe they can do big things for His Kingdom today. Our heart is to equip students to take ownership of reaching their school, community and peers, as they become bold, life-long followers of Jesus.


We believe the local church is the best place for sustaining long-term growth and life change in students. Not only do we love serving the local church and seeing their students become leaders, but we also love seeing local churches unite across entire cities as their students come together to reach their campuses for Christ.

Campus Awakening

3.3 million students graduate from public high school every year. That makes it one of the largest mission fields in the U.S., and it’s only open to students. We want to give every student the opportunity to hear the gospel before they graduate.
To the Love of Christ

We are committed to training students to share the gospel early and often. While only the Holy Spirit can move someone’s heart to repentance, we equip students to take ownership of the Great Commission’s call on their lives and share the gospel with their peers with love and boldness.

Christian Outreach at Public Schools: Yes, It's Legal!

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Our Campus Objectives

We challenge and equip student leaders to reach their whole campus with the gospel. What does that big mission look like? We break it down for students into 4 Campus Objectives:
Reach Every Student

Many public schools have an average of 2,000 students in attendance. Every student is unique and of incredible value to God, so why settle for only reaching a handful of them? Our objective is to share the gospel 'til every student has heard.

Multiply Christian Students

While it would be exciting enough for every student at a school to hear the gospel, it is equally important to involve as many Christian students as possible in accomplishing that goal! We want to help raise up an entire new generation of bold Christian witnesses for Christ.

Gather Community Support

The most effective outreaches happen at schools with a lot of support from the Christian Community. Parents, teachers, city council members, and churches all have a role to play. It is our dream to connect at least one church to every campus we coach, and hopefully many more than that!

Develop Future Leaders

One of the greatest opportunities and challenges of campus ministry is that a new group of students come to campus every year. That means that this mission never truly ends! To ensure long-term ministry health at a school, new leaders must continually be developed.

Is God Calling You to this Mission?

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