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Partner Program

$46/month helps equip and send a bold Christian student to share the gospel at their school!
Students are Meant for More...

There is a spiritual vacuum in America’s public school system that is affecting the lives and eternal destinies of 50 million students. The results are devastating...

  • 1.1 million high school students reported attempting suicide last year.
  • Over 2 million youth struggle with severe major depression every year.
  • Students throughout the country are turning to drugs, alcohol, sexuality, and more, in search of hope that can only be found in Jesus.

Student Leaders Make a Difference

With the foundation of personalized coaching, the support of a community, and a vision for changing their school, student leaders have made tremendous impact at schools across the nation every year. Student leaders...

  • START and lead Christian clubs on their public school campuses
  • SHARE the gospel and their testimonies through personal witnessing and on social media
  • LEAD gospel conversation groups and Bible studies with their Christian and non-Christian classmates
  • FOLLOW-UP with their peers that have expressed interest in learning more about Jesus, visiting a local church, receiving a Bible, etc.
  • ORGANIZE large-scale outreach events on campus, inviting guest speakers and Christian performers to share the gospel and their personal testimonies

All of these efforts give their peers and classmates the chance to hear the gospel, come to know Jesus, and get plugged into a local church for long-term discipleship.

As a Meant for More Partner...

As a Meant for More Partner, you are an important part of this impact. Your gift of $46/month helps equip a Christian student with the training and mentorship they need to confidently share the gospel with their peers and classmates. Thanks to your gift, this Christian student has the ability to reach their entire school with the gospel—that means hundreds and even thousands of students! And they couldn’t do it without your faithful prayers and financial support.

Meant for More Partners
Rita & Gordon

“We consider it a privilege to support Meant for More as the staff purposefully builds into the lives of students. We consider this to be an important investment in the future as they grow and develop a passion for God’s work in their schools.”
Student Leader

"Knowing that Meant for More Partners across the country are praying for me and giving financially to help me reach my school and peers makes me feel like I’m worth investing in and can play a huge role in sharing the gospel with my peers."
Student Leader

“It is so encouraging to know that there are brothers and sisters in the faith across the nation who are also passionate about the Great Commission, about sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others, and that they trust God will work through me to reach students at my school.”
Want to learn more or sign up to become a Meant for More Partner?
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Using the giving button above will designate your gift for our "As Most Needed" fund. If you would like to designate your monthly gift to go to a specific area of ministry, please use the appropriate giving button below to begin your donation process. This can be changed at any time. Please feel free to call us at (562) 943-9787 with any questions. Thank you!
Los Angeles
Help raise $180,000 to launch the next 18 schools
San Francisco Bay
Help raise $200,000 to launch the next 20 schools
Help raise $270,000 to launch the next 27 schools
Help raise $200,000 to launch the next 20 schools
Dallas–Fort Worth
Help raise $200,000 to launch the next 20 schools
San Antonio
Help raise $40,000 to launch the next 4 schools
$20,000 left to finish the Meant for More Campaign
Help raise $20,000 to launch the next 2 schools
Help raise $20,000 to launch the next 2 schools
Help raise $50,000 to launch the next 5 schools
Midwest Expansion
Help raise $220,000 to launch the next 22 schools